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We've been using Fixers in Spain and their great teams for the almost a decade with good reason - they are amongst the best in the world. Their work ethic is not just excellent, they also bring a perfect balance of urgency when it's needed and great camraderie throughout. We've found them to be transparent and helpful when we're costing projects, and their local knowledge between regions is impeccable. On the ground you always feel looked after, and that they've understood the nature of each job, whether it's a sensitive corporate with a high-profile client or a tricky commercial shoot in a live city environment. Of all the fixers we use around the world, these guys are the benchmark. Second to none.
Teddy Powell
Teddy Powell
19 April 2023
We have used Fixers in Spain many times over the last 7 years and they have always been attentive, organised and have provided brilliant crews. Highly recommend.
Rebecca Vine
Rebecca Vine
7 December 2022
We have worked with Tamim and his fixers in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Jordan for years and always had successful shoots. The team are always resourceful, well connected and have a brilliant can-do attitude. Would really recommend!
Billie Shepherd
Billie Shepherd
23 November 2022
We used Fixers in Spain recently for a shoot in Seville and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Fixers in Spain were so helpful for both pre-production and during the shoot. We could not have done it without their help and the shoot was very successful and ran very smoothly because of them. Would definitely use them again for future productions.
Robyn Low
Robyn Low
17 November 2022
«Tamim, Sonia and team came on board a TX pilot Betty produced for Channel 4. We filmed in Mallorca for a week with 8 contributors and needed a team of fixers to location scout, research and source local crew. The project was the definition of last minute in terms of the time we had to set it up and also knowing what we needed to film. The format was ever changing so we didn’t know where or what we wanted to film until a few days before. Both during set up and on the shoots, their expertise, patience and ‘can do’ attitude was invaluable to making it all happen. Nothing was too big or too small. They all worked incredibly hard and to a really tight budget, which they wholly respected throughout. We could not have done it without them. I cannot recommend them enough.»
Hilary Grove
Production Manager, Betty
I almost don’t want to tell you how great these guys are so I can keep them as my hidden treasure, but I will… I first approached ‘Fixers in Spain/You Ask We Fix’ as a new client with a number of varied shoots I needed setting up in Spain and it was clear from the get go that Tamim and his team were true professionals with impeccable attention to details. Tamim brings vast local knowledge as well as further connections to the table. He delivered a great team of TV professionals who not only spoke perfect English to accommodate our shoot’s needs, but were great fun to work with too. Fixers in Spain/You Ask We Fix would be my first choice and it is a company I have already suggested to colleagues in the industry.
Claire Pearsons
Producer, 100 things to do, shot in Madrid
Dear team, We came back yesterday after a very successful production. We managed to film unexpected and interesting items and I think even Aurora had some nice surprises 🙂 I want to thank you for your professional attitude, your good will and intention from the first telephone call until the end of the project. Aurora is just THE BEST! I wish I could have a fixer like her in every location. The most professional, ready for changes of last minute, always with a smile and a true friend and colleague. I miss her already! The bus company drivers – Antonio & JuanJo were also very helpful and cooperative. All of us are very satisfied and thankful! It was a pleasure and I’m sure we caught a truthful and meaningful picture of lovely Spain!
Sharon Kazachinsky
Producer, The Amazing Journey of Aharoni and Gidi, filmed in Andalucia and Costa Blanca
«It gives me a great pleasure to recommend Fixers in Spain’ producers, whom I have worked with as TV Tokyo Senior Reporter between October 2012 and September 2013. During this time, they have time and again proven excellent journalistic work, as my most trusted producers in Spain. Their ability to conduct thorough and in-depth research, to work against tight deadlines and pressure with calm and professional attitude at all times, and, the determination to get that one last impossible interview have proven vital in production of our news and features stories. They comes highly recommended by myself, as one of the industry’s top notch producers, based out of Spain.»
Kana Fushimi
TV Tokyo
I want to thank you most sincerely for all your fantastic help, efficiency and the hard work you dedicated to this project. From my initial contact with you, right to the end you were 100% across everything with such professionalism, I am so impressed. Montse – you were just a dream to work with – intelligent and kind. The whole team said how brilliant you were, both in terms of your quick thinking and logistical talents, but also in terms of the stories – from the start, you understood my aims immediately and always had a good idea. Without you this would not have been half so successful. If I film again in Spain I’ll be sure to contact Fixers in Spain in a heartbeat.
Flo Rowland
Producer, The Football show, Barcelona
«We recently filmed a challenging series in both Spain & France, during which Tamim was our fixer for two episodes in Spain and Sonia was our fixer for one episode in Spain and one episode in France. They both worked tirelessly to ensure our every demand for the production was met, on time and within budget. They did this with both courteous professionalism and with a smile on their faces. They were an asset to the team, it was a pleasure to work with them both, and I would not hesitate to recommend them for projects in the future.»
Clare Sparks
Production Manager, One Potato Two Potato - Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares
We have really enjoyed working with both of you. My genuine feedback is… Working with you was a real pleasure – you were very thorough, and efficient (some fixers like to really take up a lot of time!!) and you totally appreciated our lack of a plan – which we really needed. It was very refreshing. We were all really really impressed with Jonathan- he’s a very cool guy to have on a shoot. Great to have on the team- everyone liked him- he was very charming. He had good suggestions all the time, and knew when to get involved and when to step back, and he seemed unflappable which was very reassuring (for the first time in my life, I missed a shoot day as I was SO ill, and i felt the team was safe in Jonathan’s hands) I will definitely recommend both of you to people I know coming to Spain and would also be interested in other territories you cover. Again- thank you! so glad we found the best team for our Barcelona shoot, and will definitely be in touch in the future.
Saffron Allwood
Producer, Verrimedia, Canon shoot in Barcelona
«We had the pleasure of working with Fixers in Spain on our Barcelona episode of House Hunters International Renovation. The format of our show is very complex and requires numerous shoot days over the course of a couple months, all requiring PA’s and vehicles and local crew. Fixers in Spain helped provide all these things in a quick, professional and more importantly, affordable manner. Coordinating a shoot from a thousand miles away is no easy task, and Fixers in Spain did a lot of the legwork when it came to preparing our permits, and organizing the necessary staff and vehicles. Furthermore, we had to depend on a local crew to do a number of small shoots that we couldn’t accomplish by sending our UK crew back and forth to Barcelona. Fixers in Spain gave us a highly qualified crew that were able to shoot exactly what we needed and more. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.”
Ryan Lavalette
Production coordinator, Leopard USA
«It has been a worry free pleasure to work with Tamim and his team at Fixers in Spain. Hiring a production team thousands of miles away can be a stressful process, but Fixers in Spain made the process very easy for us. Tamim provided incredible customer service and a quality product in a very quick turnaround. I look forward to the next time we collaborate.»
Craig Laplante
Northeastern University
«I’d like to mention that Aurora and everyone else of your team did a great job. Thank you so much for your help, without you the shooting wouldn’t have been possible. If we are going to film again in Spain, you’re the first ones we will call.»
Arne Peisker
Production Manager, Story House Productions
«You were the best fixers we had on this job»
Sam Linder
Rare Icons - Samsung TV Ad Galaxy
«Great job, excellent work. Thank you!»
Camilla Bareiss

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